Baika Bisanpur,Phulparas,Madhubani

Secretary Voice

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Message from Secretary:-

Yes, my pleasures, my privilege all have been finely shaped into Mithila Vidyapeeth. I have been serving here as the director not only because of my passion but also of may enjoyment which I have been undergoing in this sector. The school nowadays has reached its apex with the supportive co-ordination and co-operation of my dearly loved students and the talented teachers.

As factorial gratitude I must thank, first of all, the parents, who have been supporting us widely since the foundation of the school; the management who never dropped the arms but kept working hard to leadder up the school’s academic and infrastructure; the teachers, who have been sweltering a lot to adorn the school’s academic and disciplinary quality and obviously the students who with their zeal and will have been enriching their traits.

Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for the sake of setting high profiled job; it is rather a life long process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical value to guide and make of our students morally upright citizens.

Thus it is well understood that only textual reading cannot be the way to educate our students; especially in a rural area the students are supposed to be taught of realistic as well as philosophical aspects of life, Education is unfathomed. To educate and edify the rural students with modern technology for which ‘Smart Class’ with highly designed computer laboratory has been introduced in our school. It has been a struggle to introduce modern education in such a rural area yet we are gradually achieving success.

I, therefore, thank the guardians, my students, my teachers and the non-teaching staffs to make our dreams come true. We did not want to hurry, but we strove for implementation which has resulted in utter success.

We wish all the guardians and their children a very auspicious and successful future at Mithila Vidypeeth.

Mr. Mukund Kumar Jha